Stone Meadows Farm is a 168-acre farm that borders Bucks County’s Core Creek Park on Route 413 in Langhorne, Middletown Township, Pennsylvania. The farm has been home to the Ezra Stone family for three generations.  The history of the Stone family starts with Sol Feinstein’s immigration to America in 1914 and success in clothing manufacturing. His son, Ezra Stone, had very prolific radio, television and Broadway careers from 1938-1975 and lived on the farm and in NYC. Ezra was the star of radio’s first family situation comedy “The Adrich Family”, playing the role of son Henry Aldrich. His wife, Sara Seegar was also an actor who began her career on the London stage.  Sara Seegar was one of the “Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” ladies in the 1962 film “The Music Man” and played Mrs. Wilson on the tv show “Dennis the Menace.”1

The family had significant involvement in the creation of Bucks County treasures like the David Library of the American Revolution, Sol Feinstone Elementary School and Newtown Friends School. This was and is a family that valued the institutions of our colorful and long Bucks County history with patriotism, art and community giving. Ezra and Sara also valued Bucks County farmland and were successful dairy farmers themselves.

Stone Meadows Farm, once a dairy and cattle farm, has grown crops of corn and soybeans for the last 25 years. The farmland's intrinsic beauty is appreciated by all who pass by but this land also provides critical habitat for local wildlife too. Stone Meadows Farm is essential to sustaining geographic necessities for watershed and local aquifer supplies.  

If you don’t know where Stone Meadows Farm is and have never knowingly passed by it, try to tolerate the traffic on Route 413 from Saint Mary's Hospital to the Newtown Bypass, and look toward the east, on your right. You will see a remarkably precious and beautiful remaining expanse of open space, which hearkens back to the true agricultural history of Bucks County and America. This is an area in which a mill that supplied fabric for Revolutionary soldiers’ uniforms (Fulling Mill Road) sleeps under the 1970’s-created Lake Luxembourg, where Bald Eagles fish, arrow heads have been found around Core Creek, where Native Americans dwelled,  and the Duchess of Luxembourg left her large farm to the County to become Core Creek Park after World War II.  This is a part of Pennsylvania in which people, for hundreds of years, preserved and bequeathed land for continued open space. Undoubtedly, they did so out of concern for present and future generations. Let us follow in their paths and respectfully do the same in saving Stone Meadows Farm.


We are an active group of Bucks County citizens, homeowners, and neighbors from Newtown, Langhorne, and Middletown Township.  Many of us have met for the first time, galvanized by the threat of losing this landscape; we include young people, families with children and residents who have lived her for decades and who have seen other lands disappear. 

We want today's children and tomorrow's generations to be able to enjoy the benefits of clean water, fresh air, and healthy opportunities for local food and recreation.


To preserve the 168-acre Stone Meadows Farm.  To provide a better alternative to more traffic, houses, and higher taxes. To honor and preserve the legacy of the Stone Family.

Our vision, and potential opportunities:

  • Beautiful sweeping views remain for thousands who drive by this gateway landmark that is the last farm in Middletown Township
  • Public benefits with walking trails and recreation as an extension of Core Creek Park
  • Active farming that retains Rural Agricultural Heritage
  • History of area celebrated with interpretive signs and exhibits (ie., theater connection of Stone family; Duchess of Luxembourg; Fulling Mill that milled wool for Revolutionary Soldiers’ uniforms)
  • A mix of open space, conservation, recreation and agriculture creates a unique landmark destination for Bucks County residents and tourists
  • Stone Family legacy lives on with special recognition


  • Talk about Stone Farm to anyone that this affects! Start a conversation...perhaps the beauty of the farm, traffic concerns or the fact that Middletown doesn't need any more houses! 
  • Make your voice heard! Contact Middletown Township officials, State Representative Frank Farry, US. Representative Brian Fitzpatrick. Support candidates that value open space preservation.
  • Contribute to the Save Stone Meadows Farm account. We are fundraising to cover costs for legal representation, marketing materials, and professional engineers.                                                                                                                                                               
    •  Donate online with Paypal or GoFundMe.
      • Please use the yellow "Donate" button for PayPal or the GoFundMe link below
    • Donate by check
      • Please make your check payable to "Save Stone Meadows Farm" and mail to:
Save Stone Meadows Farm
One South State Street - Washington Gate Suite
Newtown, PA 18940

We thank you for your support! 


  • Traffic: American Planning Association standards indicate that 124 houses will create another 1,244 car trips per day on already congested roads, causing gridlock and delays for emergency vehicles; new roads and driveways onto busy roads will increase car accidents; there are four traffic lights nearby on Rte 413 and no opportunity for a new light
  • Runoff, Water Pollution and Flooding: 124 new houses would create runoff of soil and landscape chemicals into wetlands and streams, affecting Lake Luxembourg and impacting plants, birds and animals; flooding of adjacent homes and properties would increase and wells would be impacted
  • Impact on Fresh Air and Climate: Car exhaust creates air pollution and impervious cover contributes to climate change-related flooding as in Houston; trees that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere would decrease causing negative impact
  • Economics: Studies repeatedly show that tax revenue from residential development does not pay for services needed including schools and infrastructure; PA and local studies showed for every $1 collected in tax from residential properties, it cost the municipality $1.03-1.48 in services vs. cost of $.04-0.35 for farms and open land – this will cause property tax increases for all Middletown township residents -NOT just the new development residents


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