Township Meeting Events:   (CANCELLED EVENTS WILL BE RE-POSTED ONCE DATE IS KNOWN) 

June 26  at 7:00 pm
Zoning Hearing Board meeting
Middletown Township Municipal Building
3 Municipal Way, Langhorne, PA 19047

    The Board of Supervisors meeting is on Monday, July 15 at 7pm.   We need MANY people in the audience - and your COMMENTS including the message to VOTE NO - NO VARIANCES, will make a difference.  Please invite your family, friends and neighbors, including offering rides to those who need one.

Metropolitan has submitted yet another proposal for the consideration to the Planning Commission.  The site plan can be found here:  See UPDATES page (tab at top) plans and engineer reports

The township engineers have reviewed the current plan.  It is fraught with discrepancies and noncompliance's.                   Metropolitan's  plan is to take the "Open Space" that belongs to Summit residents and use it for their collector road.  

It is common practice that a developer's response to noncompliance is to state "Will Comply."  That is not good enough!  Once preliminary approval is given for the plan, the township has no recourse to compel Metropolitan to comply.  Many of the noncompliance's are from the original plan, and they have had nearly 4 years to make their plan compliant.  Please join us in expressing to the Board of Supervisors that "Will Comply"  IS NOT COMPLIANCE!  This plan is not safe, and should not be approved.

Now is the time to show up and be seen and heard, even if you already have before. 

Wear your t-shirt, speak during public comment, even just to say "Will Comply" is NOT Compliance! 
Make a sign--
"Will Comply" is NOT Compliance!
No more traffic!
No to Higher Taxes!
Save the last farm in Middletown!
Deny this plan!
What about the current lack of Firefighters?
This plan is not safe for the community!

We urge you to attend this meeting.  Bring friends and neighbors.  Bring signs.  Let your public officials know that it is not the will or in the best interests of our community to allow this development!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                               Save Stone Meadows Farm 

  • September 5 (CANCELLED!!) - Middletown Township Planning Commission Meeting                                                                                                 
  • September 17(CANCELLED!!) - Board of Supervisors Meeting                                                                                                                
  • February 19 (CANCELLED!!) - Board of Supervisors Meeting

        SSMF and Fundraising Events:  New Events will be posted as they are created....Please check back!!

  • November 12-13 (Mon - Tues)- Manny Browns Bar & Grill - 20% of sales go to SSMF- Thank you again for those who make the difference and came out to support SSMF and to grab great food!!  Big shout out to Manny Browns!!                                                                             
  • September 9 (Sunday) - 6th Annual Healthy Living Festival event at Snipes Farm in Morrisville - Thank you to those who trudged through the heavy rain who visited the SSMF booth. Continue to spread the word that Development is not the answer!!                                                                                             
  • September 12 (Wednesday) -Tre Fratelli restaurant fundraiser event at Summit Square Shopping Center. A Great Big THANKYOU to Larry and his team at Tre Fratelli Restaurant for  hosting the SSMF fundraiser. The food is always amazing and the sense of community at that event was incredible!!                                                                                                                                     
  • September 14 (Friday) Langhorne Coffee House fundraiser event at the Langhorne Coffee House - SSMF can't thank Tracey of the Langhorne Coffee House enough for the energy and support for our community mission. The SSMF committee was present to not only enjoy the great food and atmosphere of the restaurant, but to engage in our community to expand the awareness of the Stone Farm development issues.