Updated February 2022

Hello Friends of SSMF,

It has been a long haul to get us (our community) to a point where a more favorable and palatable proposal would focus on the benefit received and given for all parties at hand.  We have a seller, buyer, laws and regulations and a compassionate community pushing to preserve the intrinsic beauty of Stone Meadows Farm - each of these entities siloed in their own pursuit. Over the years, SSMF has diligently pushed the envelope to resist development of the last and largest privately owned piece of open space in Middletown Township, to fall victim to another tract housing development - leading to increasingly overcrowded roads and the erosion of "why we choose to live here".                                             Of course full perseveration would certainly have been the ultimate goal, which has always been SSMF's stance to strive for. However, the true realty at this juncture is for all parties to compromise for any successful outcome - which is exactly how this is playing out. SSMF has successfully bridged the gap and worked together with members of the Middletown Board of Supervisors as well as the developer, Foxlane Homes to navigate the latest proposal that was presented at the last BOS meetings for an Age Restricted zoning amendment.  Although some of you reading this may ask -   "what more can be done?" - "Is this it?" - "What about the traffic?".......                                                              Please Know that every aspect of all of the questions (everyone's questions) raised at the BOS and Planning Commission Meetings have been carefully reviewed, acknowledged and responded to by the developer, BOS and SSMF in a positive and effective manner.  That is not by accident!! That is because all of us held the developer and the BOS accountable to provide us with the best possible outcome to find a solution that meets all of our demands.                                                                             So here's what we have:                                                                                                                                                 - 164 Age Restricted (Over 55) homes (looking more like 159 after request to developer for further concessions).                                                                                                                                                                     - Agricultural Preservation Easement on 67 Acres (Details are being worked out between Bucks County Commissioners and Developer for language).                                                                                              - Approximately 25 acres preserved on Rt 413 (rolled into the HOA of incoming development)                - Native Plantings and walking trails open to the public from Rt 413 to Core Creek Park                            - Single homes along Summit Trace to add additional buffer space.                                                              - SSMF and Developer lawsuit being resolved, along with Middletown Township - The basis of the settlement agreement stipulating many of the items above.                                                                                 - Traffic analysis and traffic calming measures of Summit Trace being further reviewed and worked out.                                                                                                                                                                       

There are a tremendous amount of nuances to the "Stipulation Agreement", which details every aspect of compliance by the Developer, Bucks County and Middletown Township.  All of these nuances are being carefully reviewed by the SSMF legal team so there are no holes - to further protect our communities interest.



THANK YOU to our Middletown Township Supervisors

The Save Stone Meadows Farm team recognizes the great impact local government has on our day-to-day living in Middletown Township.  We are thankful to our local government and township officials (and staff) for welcoming community involvement in the planning and approval process - and for keeping the best interests of Middletown Township as their highest priority.


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       In our collective efforts to save this precious land, the administrative expenses for professional services continue to mount as we enter the later phase of strategic planning.  We continue to accept donations to defray the costs of attorneys, engineers and collateral information which is essential to successfully preserving Stone Meadows Farm. It is rewarding to see how many of you support SSMF, and anything you can give is more-than-appreciated being a fellow neighbor and team member of our mission.  For credit card donations, please see (DONATE) button at the top of each page: or 
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      We are pleased that a successful outcome has been presented to us - AND BY US! It is not perfect by any means, but without all of our communities involvement, this property would be completely covered with homes, forever changing the landscape.                    We feel confident that the most recent options (and concessions) made by the Middletown Township BOS, Bucks County Commissioners and Foxlane Homes are at the antithesis of "as good as we could possibly get" for our community.  This truly is a win for everyone involved!  I personally would like to welcome Foxlane homes to our community, for they have been nothing but amicable and compliant after years of battling.  I hope that everyone in our community who was personally involved can feel good about the outcome - you should - and deserve it!  

        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jeffrey Miller                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SSMF organization