Metropolitan has resubmitted their preliminary subdivision plan for Stone Meadows Farm (AGAIN).  You may view the current plans and review letters by clicking on the Links above . The Township review letters are 26 pages long and continue to list many, many non-compliance's.  The engineer's review letter alone is 14 pages, with 54 items to be addressed.  Many of the non-compliances have been included in the plan since the original submission 3 years ago.  If they have not been resolved yet, will they ever be?  A number of the items are also listed as "Will Comply."  Remember--"Will Comply" is NOT Compliance!  

Make a tax-deductible donation

We need your donations now!  As we enter this next push by the developer, we are asking for your financial support to pay for the critical reviews and testimony provided by our lawyers, traffic and civil engineers.  These specialists ensure that we thoroughly review all of the plans with regard to current laws and ordinances, and otherwise lend their expert advice.  Our expenses have primarily been covered by our SSMF Board, with help from some large and many, many small donations.  It is rewarding to see how many of you support us and anything you can give is appreciated.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 by mid-July to pay for our professionals.  
Checks may be made payable to “Save Stone Meadows Farm,” and mailed to:
1 South State Street
Washington Gate Suite
Newtown, PA  18940

     LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD - to our Supervisors. Time is of the essence, so please circulate this information far and wide:

      Please email every one of the Supervisors NOW before the meeting and ask them to VOTE NO on the development plan.  
Elected officials care what voters think. 
Most important is VOLUME - the more people that contact the supervisors, the better - and message - VOTE NO.  Please ask your spouse, friends, family and neighbors to write as well.  See sample letter below.

Mr. Tom Tosti, Chairman                                       
Mr. Mike Ksiazek Vice Chairman                              
Mr. George Leonhauser                
Mr. William Oettinger                          
Ms. Amy Strouse                                                                                                                                                                        


Subject: Vote NO on Development Plan for Stone Meadows Farm

Dear Middletown Township Supervisor Chairman Tosti, Vice Chairman Ksiazek,
and Supervisors Leonhauser, Oettinger and Strouse:

My name is [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE].  I live at [INSERT ADDRESS HERE] and I have been a resident of Middletown Township for [X] years.

I am writing today to urge you to VOTE NO to the proposed subdivision and development plan for Stone Meadows Farm presented by Metropolitan Development Group.  Our own Middletown Township Traffic Engineer stated, “The proposed land development will exacerbate the already poor conditions on S.R. 413, as would any development along this corridor.”


Please uphold the February 6, 2019 unanimous vote of the Middletown Township Planning Commission to NOT RECOMMEND APPROVAL of this plan.

Thank you for your time and service to the taxpayers of Middletown Township.  The future of the last remaining farm in Middletown Township is in your hands.




     "Save Stone Meadows Farm's" name is an official, licensed and insured 501C(3) non profit organization formed in 2017.  That means business...and that all donations are tax deductible!!   We have hired an Attorney, Traffic Engineer and Civil Engineer; all designed to interpret the specific ordinances, zoning and all laws pertaining to State, Local and PennDot levels regarding Metropolitans specific development proposal.  Our team of professionals has been the catalyst to offset the the "development as usual" philosophy, as many of the existing ordinances currently provided are designed to protect our community from unchecked over-development, but are seldom followed.  There have been an overwhelming amount of discrepancies and flaws in the plans presented to Middletown Township and its citizens for development approval that the developer has proposed:   5 times in the last 3 years !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The alternative is for Metropolitan Development to determine that the land is no longer feasible due to the constraints that already exist: Very High Density Traffic (mainly Rt 413), Safety on the surrounding roadways as it pertains to St Mary Medical Center, Pennswood Village and Crestview Senior Care facilities,  and Storm Water Management.  These are all VERY SERIOUS issues that cannot be resolved by building more homes!!  These are not issues that we are making up, but exist in real life!!  One of the greatest  negative effects will be on the Summit Residents bordering the proposed development;  taking the existing Summit Residents "Open Space" as provided by the original builder to create a thoroughfare through their development.  We are calling it the "Langhorne Bypass".   Aside from all of the above, SSMF has developed a relationship with many of the elected officials and local government agencies who have the ability to fund this property...without raising taxes or robbing Peter to pay Paul; and to compensate the Stone Family as they so well deserve... Additionally, SSMF has secured donor pledges of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars specific to Stone Meadows Farm to augment a "buyout", to preserve the farm and to curtail any current or future development.   Preserving Stone Meadows Farm is essential to the financial well-being and the allure of Middletown Township and Bucks County as a whole from just about every perspective such as:       

  • Does not intensify the existing, horrific traffic on Route 413  and the surrounding roadways
  • Keeps St Mary Medical Medical, Pennswood and Crestview thoroughfare less congested in life situations
  • EMT, Policing  and Medical Staff required for emergency calls - Cardiac Unit especially where every second counts
  • Development would place an imbalance to the  Neshaminy Watershed, creating increased flooding conditions throughout
  • The tax benefits to our Middletown Township and citizens far outweigh the tax burden of an incoming development. 
  • Maintains the historical, beautiful nature of where we live!!...After all...this is why we choose to live here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SSMF                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                                                                            

         PennDOT is requiring a traffic light at Farm Rd at George School.  In order to do that, Metropolitan is required to create "Connector Roads" from Summit through the proposed development.  The proposed road is to pave the existing preserved land at Summit's route 413 entrance, and eliminate the open space that belongs to residents of Summit as per the original builders requirements in the 1980's.  The intended purpose of the connector road is to move traffic efficiently from the side roads to the traffic light without any concern for residents of Summit.  This will become what SSMF is dubbing the "Langhorne Expressway" as motorists find alternative routes to attempt to avoid traffic!!
       If the connector road is built, residents from Summit will not be allowed to make a left turn out of their development.  They will be required to travel through the new development to the light, which is likely to cause more traffic back-ups and delays, especially at the busiest travel times.  Motorists are then likely to find other routes through neighborhoods on Summit Trace Rd, Doublewoods Rd, Fulling Mill Rd, Ellis Rd and Woodbourne Rd, causing congestion there too, thus the Langhorne Expressway!!

The fact of the matter is that this is a poorly designed development, and there is no good configuration that will benefit the current or future residents, or meet all of the requirements of our township ordinances.

Here are additional Middletown Township ordinances worth considering as this project continues to try to press forward:

S 440-402 – General Standards
No land shall be developed or plotted for residential purposes unless all hazards to life, health or property, including flood, fire and disease, have been eliminated or unless the plans provide adequate safeguard against such hazards without disturbing the natural condition of the land.
Where trees, groves, waterways, scenic points, historic spots, or other community assets and landmarks are located within a proposed subdivision or land development, every possible means to the fullest extent shall be provided to preserve these features.

Help us to encourage the planning commission and supervisors to hold fast to the ordinances which are already in place.  Let us help empower them to keep the safety and best interests of their neighbors as their highest priority, and to make wise decisions for the future of our broader community.  Let us help strengthen their resolve to not bend to the pressure of a party that has a very different agenda for our (and their) homes and families.

Please share this information with others in your community, and encourage them to join in our effort!